Elderberry Flower- Kwiat  Bzu Czarnego

Elderberry Flower- Kwiat Bzu Czarnego

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Elderberry Flower

Did you know that elderflower is the oldest herb cultivated by man? For over 4,000 years, natural healers have relied on elderflower to treat asthma and allergies. Today, scientists and doctors are discovering the secrets behind this powerful healing herb. Traditionally used for detoxification purposes, elderflower may also help strengthen the immune system by clearing the lymph nodes.

According to the Maryland Medical Center, elderflower contains powerful antioxidants and phytochemicals that help prevent free radical damage. The herb is comprised of several essential vitamins, including Vitamin A, the B-1, B-2, and B-3 complex, andVitamin C. A combination of these vitamins and phytochemicals, like flavonoids and quercetin, give elderflower its anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antiviral properties. The herb is also an effective diuretic, laxative, and insect-repellent.